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East Coast Music, especially the traditional sound of old-time fiddling, is enjoying a vibrant revival. New Brunswick residents, Ivan Hicks and The Sussex Avenue Fiddlers have for many years made, and continue to make, a major contribution to this phenomenon. This group offers New Brunswick residents, as well as visitors, a first class presentation of our musical heritage. Many tourists come to the Maritimes to attend festivals, other musical events and to hear Ivan Hicks and The Sussex Avenue Fiddlers perform.

Because of the leadership shown by Ivan Hicks and the Sussex Avenue Fiddlers, the fiddling community of New Brunswick has grown significantly over the past twenty years to the point where it has a highly organized structure. It is comprised of fiddlers very young and very mature; the beginner and the experienced; the “old-timer” who has played for hundreds of house parties and dances; and the professional who records, performs nationally and internationally, teaches and is involved in many aspects of New Brunswick’s music industry.

Ivan Hicks and The Sussex Avenue Fiddlers are New Brunswick’s first “fiddle group” of its kind; the first to meet for the purpose of instruction; to organize a program for presentation to sick and shut-ins; to dress in a stage uniform and to travel outside their home town, provincially and internationally to perform. As a result of the success and “popularity” of this group, there are now many well organized “fiddle groups” throughout New Brunswick who are taking fiddle music into the homes and halls of the New Brunswick community and beyond. Fiddlers who have not played for years are getting their fiddles out, and children are asking for fiddles! The children in The Sussex Avenue Fiddlers are a fine example of the interest and progress of the youth in fiddling.

Both the amateur and professional fiddlers of Canada are increasingly more in demand for local community events, provincial, national and international festivals, fairs, and special events. Ivan Hicks and The Sussex Avenue Fiddlers are well established in the Maritime Music Industry scene; have an excellent reputation both musically and professionally; are in demand for performances throughout the Maritimes; and continue to preserve and promote New Brunswick’s traditional music industry through recording, teaching and performing. It is in this light that Ivan Hicks and The Sussex Avenue Fiddlers can be seen as excellent ambassadors for the province of New Brunswick, for its many tourist “destinations” and especially for Canada’s cultural community.